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We are Mississippi State University Dining!

Our goal as the Food Service provider at Mississippi State is to offer the best service and quality in all aspects of our business. If an opportunity exists to improve upon our services, we welcome your feedback. If you have had a great experience at one of our locations and would like to tell us about it or thank an employee, we would love to hear from you. Give us your feedback so we can make your dining experience the best!

The meal plan change period for Fall 2017 is August 16 – August 29.

If you are graduating, transferring, interning/cooping in Fall 2017 and need to cancel your Meal Plan, please email evrard-diane@aramark.com.

To cancel or appeal your Meal Plan, follow the instructions on this link: https://w.msstate.edu/dining/contract_appeals/ 

Keri Lum  
Marketing Coordinator

(662) 325-7120

Jamie Beazley
Resident District Manager

(662) 325-7120

Annie Hollingshed
Catering Director

(662) 325-3663