How do I order my Meal Plan?

  1. Incoming First Year Freshmen are automatically enrolled in the Ultimate Meal Plan and do not need to sign up online (please see following question for changes).
  2. For all other students, you are able to create an account on this website (it is not connected to your myState.), create an account as a family member, or check out as a guest.
  3. Go to Meal Plans.
  4. Select your Classification over to the right.
  5. Choose the Meal Plan you would like and add it to the cart.
  6. Checkout by either charging to your Student Account or paying with a credit card. Remember the last day to charge to your Student Account for Fall 2021 is September 10, 2021.

Please allow up to 2 business days for your Meal Plan to show up on your account.

How can I change my Meal Plan?

  1. You are able to change your Meal Plan the first two weeks of either the Fall or Spring semesters. There will be a link available during this time period to change.
  2. Allow up to a 5 business days for changes to be processed (you may still use your current Meal Plan at this time).
  3. Incoming freshmen who are joining a fraternity or sorority will need to wait until they receive their bid to change their Meal Plan. You will have two weeks following bid day to change.
  4. Students have the first two weeks of each semester to change.

How do I choose a Meal Plan?

Your class schedule, eating habits, and daily activities should be considered when picking out a Meal Plan. If you eat three meals a day, choose the Ultimate Meal Plan. If you’re used to eating two meals a day, the Gold Meal Plan is a great choice.

What are Block Meals?

Block Meals are meal swipes that get you in to all 3 residential dining halls (Marketplace at Perry, Fresh Food Company, and Templeton Dining). One Block Meal is one swipe at the register, then you'll be able to pick and choose from any of the stations within the dining halls. One swipe in = all-you-care-to-eat (or use it as a quick stop for a snack or drink - best with the Ultimate Meal Plan).

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars are dollar for dollar. They're like having a debit card on your Student ID that's strictly budgeted for food. Flex Dollars can be used at any dining location on campus. They roll over from Fall to Spring and end at the end of the Spring Semester.

What is Meal Equivalency?

Meal Equivalency is where you can use your Block Meals at retail locations (like Chick-fil-A, Moe's Southwest Grill, and more) twice per day. They can be used once from 4pm to 9pm and again from 9pm to midnight. Meal Equivalency Block Meals are equal to a $6.58 value and any amount over that will be deducted from your Flex Dollars. Meal Equivalency adds variety to your Block Meals! Find a chart with all Meal Equivalency locations here.

What does Two Semester Commitment Mean?

  1. Two semester commitment means that when a student purchases a Meal Plan, they are signing up for a Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Meal Plan. It is a yearly commitment.
  2. You are able to change your Meal Plan within the first two weeks of each semester.
    1. For example, if you sign up for the Campus Connector in the fall, you could then change to the Greek Meal Plan in the spring.
  3. If you will only be enrolled in the spring, your Meal Plan enrollment will only be for the spring semester, it will not roll over to the following fall semester. You will be able to sign up for a spring meal plan mid-fall semester.
    1. You also have the ability to change your Meal Plan from the fall to the spring.

How do I know how many Block Meals & Flex Dollars I have left?

  1. Login to your myState.
  2. Go to myBanner for Student.
  3. Select Account Information.
  4. Select View Meal Plan.
  5. You should see your Block Meal and Flex Dollar amounts on this page.

Can I treat a friend or family member?

You are able to treat friends and family members with your Flex Dollars. Block Meals are just for you.

How do I add Additional Flex Dollars?

  1. Select “Meal Plans” on the site.
  2. Choose “Add Flex Dollars” over to the right of the page.
  3. You are able to add Flex Dollars in $25 increments.
  4. Checkout using either your Student Account or credit card.