Freshmen Meal Plan Options

All Freshmen living in on-campus Residence Halls will automatically be enrolled in the Ultimate Meal Plan when they sign up with Housing and Residence Life on campus. *If you are a Freshman who has already enrolled with Housing, there is no need to fill out this online form!  

Freshman students have 3 Meal Plan options to choose from: Ultimate, Gold, or Silver Meal Plans to better fit their lifestyle. 

First-time Freshman who pledge a Greek Organization with an on-campus Fraternity/Sorority house with a kitchen have the option of choosing from the Ultimate, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Greek Meal Plans to supplement their in-house meals at the Greek House. 

Please note that pricing reflects the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 school year, and are per semester. If you have any questions, please contact the MSU Dining Office between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday at 662-325-7120.
  • Ultimate
    $1,960.00   Add To Cart


    • Unlimited Block Meals per Semester
    • $150 Flex Dollars
  • Gold
    $1,820.00   Add To Cart


    • 225 Block Meals per Semester
    • $200 Flex Dollars
  • Silver
    $1,820.00   Add To Cart


    • 175 Block Meals per Semester
    • $250 Flex Dollars

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